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April 27 2014

April 26 2014

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April 14 2014

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April 13 2014

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April 07 2014

April 06 2014

March 29 2014

There are two major products that came out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence.  
— -- Jeremy S. Anderson, UNIX systems administrator, and promulgated by Steven Aukstakalnis (Although it is sometimes pointed out that both parts of this quotation are incorrect, that is irrelevant because, according to its author, it was made purely in jest.)
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March 28 2014

It was used to demonstrate the difference between graphic software rendering(by cpu) and hardware renderingby parallelisation(by gpu), in a science busters show.

March 18 2014

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March 08 2014

Angst vorm Staat

Ich bin ein ganz nor­ma­ler Bür­ger. Ich bin kein ra­di­ka­ler Lin­ker, kein Ter­ror­an­hän­ger, ich ver­ab­scheue Kin­der­por­no­gra­phie und mag Tiere. Ich be­nut­ze nicht ein­mal On­line-​Tausch­bör­sen, ich zahle meine Steu­ern und ich blei­be bei Rot an der Ampel ste­hen. Dro­gen nehme ich üb­ri­gens auch keine.

Und den­noch…

Ich habe Angst vor un­se­rem Staat.

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January 29 2014

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What did Putin tell that kid?

- funny tumblr

- lol rofl wtf pics

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